Creative Collection


Each commercial is tailored according to your preference and budget. Motion graphics during and/or at the end of each video have an additional fee. Logo design has an additional fee, too.

Basic commercials have a 2 hour time span of production, which only consists of headshot interview, without b-roll. We highly recommend adding some b-roll to your commercial. That means an additional 1 or 2 hours of production time. We can also use images, such as pre-made graphics, infographics, photos, etc. for an extra rate in the editing process.

A Call-To-Action is also important to have at the end of each video. You need to tell your viewers where to go next!

Event & Galas

Event and gala videos are usually used to get people to either contribute to your cause or become a part of it. Most companies that hire Name Sake Pictures use these videos to engage their own employees to become active in philanthropy with their own company.

A Call-To-Action may not be extremely important. But other than thanking your donors and sponsors, branding is very important in keeping up with your label recognition.

Wedding Highlights & Teasers

Wedding highlights and teaser are not the only style of edits that we do. We also do documentaries for those who feel like highlights and teasers are simply...teasers. Some couple want to enjoy everything that took place throughout their wedding day. For more examples, please go to our YouTube channel.

Business Explainers

Business explainers are great for franchising purposes. They are also good to put on your website for your viewers to get a better understanding of what you are about, like the Classical Conversations video.