Our Workflow

Our Workflow



Set up a Time To meet

Set up a time to meet. I go to your office or video chat. We get to know each other.

Questions & Concerning

We brainstorm together. I ask you questions concerning who is your target audience, and how you plan to market the product that you hired me to design. Some services will not necessarily require these questions. I will also request an EPS, PNG, or JPG version of your logo, the colors you use to brand your business, & the style of font you use on your logo. If you no longer have the logo originals, I will suggest to recreate it for a fee. Or we can discuss the possibilities of re-designing your logo too.

Draw out a Powerful Visual

I take off to write, outline, or draw out a powerful visual out of what we brainstormed. If you need a studio, I will find one for you. Want to take your video to the next level? Then we can hash out a concept where we get to promote your video with Google Ads or with any other social media site.

Approve Visual

I will not move a finger into the last two phases, until you fully approve the concept/written script/outline. There will not be any surprises. Wedding clients do not have to worry about the first phase, unless you want a specific effect to take place that would require time to think through the process before the day of the wedding.‚Äč

Production Schedule

We create a production schedule to help keep things in order.


The part that takes the longest to set up is the lighting. Lighting is very crucial in production as it is one of the major components that separates the amateur from the professional. Patience is highly required at this point.

In most projects, we begin with the interview. The use of the teleprompter is without a doubt a life saver for many of our clients. It makes standing in front of an inanimate object (the camera) less intimidating and allows for time to go faster. Then we proceed with capturing the b-roll. What is a b-roll? It is any visual that is or represents what the voice over is verbalizing. That way, there's not always a talking head throughout the video.

Colors matter here. We will do our best to use colors in your wardrobe that compliment the location of the production. For all other projects, such as graphics design, animation, some motion graphics, and editing services, we will not go through this phase, unless we need to film, take photographs, and/or create a visual effect.


Everything that was discussed in the brainstorming session gets to be implemented here. The editor will either make you or break you.

Revisions can be made up to 2 times, in written form. For all other projects, such as graphics design, animation, some motion graphics, and editing services, we will go straight into this phase, unless we need to film or take photographs.